When Would I Need to Use Dumpster Rental Services?

When Would I Need to Use Dumpster Rental Services?

Aug 30, 2022

Do you have a lot of junk, yard waste, or construction materials to get rid of? Are you nearing the completion of a major DIY project, home renovation, or landscaping project and you’re not sure what to do with leftover materials and waste? If any of this rings a bell, then it may be time that you look into professional dumpster rental services.


At Scraps, not only do we offer residential junk removal and commercial junk removal services, but we also now offer Colorado dumpster rentals. Simply give us a call to schedule your drop off and we’ll deliver an industrial-sized dumpster to your property. After you’ve filled it up, we’ll come and pick it up. Our dumpster rentals are really that simple.  


In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at this specific junk removal service. We’re also identifying some of the most common scenarios where homeowners, property managers, or even construction teams may have need of our dumpster rental services. If you need to discard construction materials, yard waste, or otherwise heavy or large items, a dumpster rental could be right for you.


Scraps is your premier choice for Denver dumpster rentals and junk removal services. If you’re in downtown Denver, Westminster, Aurora, Thornton, or any other part of the Denver metro area, we can help. At Scraps, we pride ourselves on providing friendly, efficient, and on-time junk removal services for our clients.


Call on the pros at Scraps and we’ll show up to lend a hand—or a few. 

What are Dumpster Rental Services?


Let’s start with the basics: what exactly are dumpster rental services? It’s all really in the name. With professional dumpster rentals, our team provides industrial-sized dumpsters you rent for a period of time to help you get rid of yard waste, construction materials, old appliances, or pretty much anything else.


With our dumpster rental services, it’s all about convenience. Simply give us a call or visit us online to schedule your dumpster rental. Our team will drop off an industrial-sized dumpster (ranging from 10 to 40 yard-sized dumpsters) at your property. Take your time filling up the dumpster (we offer dumpster rentals for up to seven days). When you’re done, give us a call and our team will pick it up.


From there, we’ll safely and responsibly dispose of your excess materials and junk. Additionally, we strive to make our junk removal services and our dumpster rentals as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. When possible, we’ll recycle or even donate your old items to lessen our overall impact on the environment. With our dumpster rental services you’ll benefit from the convenience of not having to worry about what to do with your old junk and waste materials. Let us take care of the disposal so you can focus on your own projects. 

When Might You Need Dumpster Rental Services?


Not sure when a dumpster rental would be right for you? Read on to see some of the most common scenarios when our clients call for our dumpster rental services.


  1. DIY Projects.


Do you love to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty by improving your property yourself? For all the DIY-enthusiasts out there, dumpster rentals can be the perfect solution for dealing with all the leftover construction materials and old items you need to clear out.



  1. Home Renovations and Remodeling Projects.


Are you looking to make a major improvement on your home or commercial property? If so, you know you’ll be left with a lot of waste and unused materials. Dumpster rentals are the perfect conclusion to any major home renovation or remodeling project. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, installing new flooring, or adding on another level or room, renting a dumpster is the most efficient method for taking care of the waste.



  1. Deck Removals.


Tired of looking at that old deck rotting away on your property? For large tasks like a deck removal, you’ll need the size and capacity of an industrial dumpster to effectively get rid of all those materials in one haul. Save yourself countless trips to the local dump by calling on professional dumpster rental services. We estimate that one of our dumpsters can effectively fit about a 1,000 square foot deck removal.



  1. Demolition Projects.


A demolition project refers to the wrecking, salvage, or removal of any load-supporting structure of a facility or building. You may find yourself needing demolition if you’re renovating a property from the bottom up or if you’ve bought a new property and you want to start fresh by removing any existing structures. For these major projects, it’s inevitable that you’ll be left with a ton of waste and old materials. Our dumpster rental services are ideal for dealing with the mess left behind with major demolition projects.



  1. Asphalt and Concrete Removal.


Dumpster rental services are also ideal for large asphalt or concrete removal jobs. If you’re removing an existing driveway or renovating your current one, using a dumpster rental can make it convenient when you need to get rid of all that excess asphalt and concrete that can be difficult to dispose of safely. In addition to asphalt and concrete, dumpster rentals are ideal for any junk removal job where the materials are simply too heavy or large for your traditional trash collection. 

Conclusion – When Would I Need to Use Dumpster Rental Services?


If you’ve got junk, yard waste, or construction materials you need to get rid of, your weekly trash collection simply won’t cut it. After all, how much can you really fit in those twin plastic bins? For large junk removal jobs such as a construction site, home renovation, or major landscaping project, you’ll need something much bigger. That’s where professional dumpster rental services come in.


In addition to commercial and residential junk removal services, Scraps also specializes in dumpster rentals. Just give us a call to schedule your dumpster rental and we can even help you pick the right size for your junk removal needs. Our team of professionals will drop off the dumpster at your property, and when you’ve finished, we’ll  pick it up. It’s that easy when you work with Scraps.


From major home renovations to getting rid of old exercise equipment or home appliances, Scraps has got you covered for all your junk removal needs. With a user-friendly scheduling system and impeccable communication, we make the junk removal process convenient and easy. If you need to get rid of yard waste, construction materials, appliances, or any other old items from your home or office, we’re your team of junk removal professionals.


Contact us today to learn more about our dumpster rentals and our other junk removal services to help clear out your space.  


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